yeahimhere (yeahimhere) wrote,

It is the year 2013! I am 25 years old...

Just thought I would write a lil something.

Time has flown by, it feels like just yesterday I was a naive teenager writing the most ridiculous things on livejournal. Things have changed so dramatically in my life. I actually wish I could go back to being that 16 year old and do things a little different. Update: I am living in OAKLAND CA. I love it here. My moms health is very bad, so that has taken a toll on me but I am trying to be as strong as possible, its just something I have to go through. I have gone from living in LA to Idaho to San Diego to Nevada to San Diego again and now to Oakland... lets just say I am tired of being in this limbo. I am single! hell yeah! here with all the sexy bay area OUEERS... I am thinking about embracing a poly lifestyle. Besides that I am just trying to get this job situation under control. Have a great day lovahs.

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