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I am a walking disaster.... :o(

OK.... yeah I know I haven't updated my livejournal for a while, and yes it is august 7th.... ok so since umm the 29th, a whole bunch of shit has happened, I said yes to someone important, we will see how that turns out, umm i got stung by a stingray and it hurt like shit, daaaammmmnnnn i am definately just getting hurt, ok then on the 31st was my sister ayana's birthday... yes it was tons of fun, I got home after the party and had fun with my little niece and nephew, then on monday i went to knotts with the homies, it was a lot of fun... then ummm yeah on tues or wednesday night i was plugging up my phone and banged my upper arm on the dresser, damn that shit hurt, and then i nticed the next day that i had a big bruise on my arm and so my arm is hurting, then on thursday my moms birthday yeeeeep, i went to give her water, and was walking back to the other car and i fell off the curb, and i busted my knee, wow i scraped it very deep, very deep, and u can still see my flesh it wont scab up, i think i popped my knee out of place a little becuz it hurts to bend it, and today i got kicked in the stingray sting and it bled a little anf my foot is still real sore..... and i fell on my hurt knee, while i was trying to scrub my shower. man I have just been in a lot of pain I also had bit my tongue the other day real bad it sucked. I stubbed my toe last night, and i feel like a walking disaster, anyways my birthday is on wednesday yay! i am finally gonna be 17! and umm thats really it , yeah daniel left umm the 4th back to mexico *tear* hmmm and umm thats basically it that wraps up my days. oh yeah we went to eat cuban food, and i got a fuckin stomach ache from the food damn. anyways i am out my fingers are really worn out hehehehe :o)

Love ya all :o)

good shit!

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