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well yeah, im pretty bored, and im a little depressed about having to start school on the 8th. Ummm oh yeah this saturday I am going to amoeba music, hehehehe yeah, im gonna spend 40 bucks on cds and dvds speaking of which i need to get my 20 bucks on friday to make it 60 yay! im so fuckin sick then i got to save up for a thanksgiving sale at best buy, yes i am ahead of myself. yeah today i went to the airport oh fuck dammmmnnn tomm is the fuckin show..... man... i dont wanna watch it , i saw myself on tv in spanish and ran out the room lol it was dumb. but yeah ummm i saw catch me if you can, how i wish it was the 1960's again it would have been fun to be a pilot then too, but i guess im stuck to be one now in this time period. umm yeah i love ayana, umeko, nadia, brittny, lorena, mariana, linda, marilu, shana, annie and sara, oreo, brei, mally, and ummmmmm....... hmmmmm did i forget someone? ummmm oh yah coritha :o/ lol jk, oh yeah ummmmmmmmmmmm shana billy is a fuckin idiot so fuck him he is ugly and seriously needs to get over himself becuz he isnt cute at all hahahah
love ya

good shit


holy fuck... i almost forgot i love my mommy and rubi and the rest of my fam and i love my grandpa to death too :o)
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